Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Sabbath" rest

Sunday 29th April 2012
Up the valley to Falstone
After a slow start to the morning and the 9.30 Parish Communion at Bellingham, I had a baptism within the 11 o'clock Eucharist at St Peter's and enjoyed joining the family and friends for  lunch afterwards.
     Back to the Rectory in time for a three o'clock appointment and then the rest of the day (apart from Evening Prayer and supper) was available for dealing with the aftermath of the many recent meetings which had produced avalanches of papers in my study.
     Sunday can often provide a bit of respite from a hectic schedule  --  though it's not strictly "sabbath" rest because the seventh day of the week in the Jewish calendar is Saturday.  Then "On the first day of the week" the disciples came early to the tomb... and discoved that the body of Jesus was no longer there because Christ was risen to new life.  So the "first day of the week" is Sunday which Christians treat as a weekly celebration of the Resurrection.  Anyway, whatever one's beliefs, it's part of the natural rhythm of life to punctuate all the activity.

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