Thursday, June 18, 2020

Trinity Sunday

Sunday 7th June 2020
An icon which helped to illustrate my short talk during the twelfth live-streamed Sunday worship which I have conducted online for parishioners of North Tyne and Redesdale  [See separate "Thought for the..." page]  It's interesting that in my old age and without particular interest in technology, I have been prompted by lockdown to take advantage of new (for me) techniques.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Food parcel delivery

Sunday 7th June 2020
Off to deliver morale-boosting treats of slightly exotic food parcels from Age UK after conducting Sunday worship by Zoom from the computer desk in my study.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Getting observant in lockdown

Wednesday 27th May 2020
    In lockdown there's a limit to the variety of scenes to photograph; but recording the development of early summer brings me to familiar favourites.  
    Here is the lime tree at the entrance to the Rectory glebe, arching over the track with slightly less grace than before its matching neighbour was tragically felled.  Soon the way through to the paddock should be scented with linden blossom and buzzing with bees.  This is a lighter scent than the intoxicating poplar which flowered earlier  at Catholic Corner  (the local name for the road junction outside St Oswald's Roman Catholic church).

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Things come together

Wednesday 13th May 2020
     The weekly walk took me partway up Dunterley fell, passing a signwriter who was at work hand painting lettering on a vehicle.  I discovered that he had in the past done church notices boards and was willing to bring ours up to date.  As I continued to walk home, I encountered (at appropriate distance for a shouted conversation) the relevant Churchwarden with whom I made an arrangement for a phone discussion.
     These are the kinds of apparent coincidences which happen repeatedly during normal life when I'm constantly out and about parish visiting and  meeting people in the natural course of events.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Life in lockdown

Saturday 9th May 2020
A Northumberland National Park ranger arrives with a consignment of parcels from Age UK.  So I start to go through a list of residents in the parish to decide who would appreciate receiving some treats and groceries to vary the monotony of housebound isolation.  (Meanwhile fourteen boxes are stored in my hallway  --  which must be distributed before the contents get stale.)  

Friday, May 8, 2020

75th anniversary of V.E. Day

Friday 8th May 2020
The bell was rung 75 times (by the lone person allowed into the building) after a 2-minute silence at 11 a.m....

...during which I read the names of the fallen which are inscribed on the ring around the carving of Mother and Child on the font cover.  (This is the War Memorial in St Cuthbert's Bellingham.)
Then back into the Rectory for the VE Day cake made to Churchill's favourite recipe...

...and the V.E.Day video with a message from our bishop:

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Community life at a distance

Thursday 7th May 2020
      Even if we cannot get near to each other, neighbours wave at 8 o'clock on Thursdays when we go outside to applaud health workers and others who keep us going during the pandemic.  
     For me the other highlight today in a life of confinement was being allowed to go into church to say Morning Prayer there for the first time since mid March.  Otherwise the day has been spent at the computer with morning and afternoon meetings online and admin in the evening.