Going to the Source

the river North Tyne at Bellingham Rectory at the edge of the glebe paddock

Between Bellingham and Charlton

On upriver beyond Lanehead

Near Smalesmouth continuing towards Falstone

The North Tyne held back by the dam above Yarrow...
...resulting in the creation of Kielder Water...

...and it's a long way on towards Kielder village

The first glimpse of the hills in which the river rises

The North Tyne at Butteryhaugh

...and a little further on up at Kielder where it's more of a burn.

Meandering near Ravenshill

Past Deadwater

Somewhere in this boggy ground...

            Surely not this puddle?

or this ditch?

 Getting nearer

This seems to be the nearest I can get to the source...

 ...and so I filled my water bottle here.
Jesus: the water of life/living water.  ""The water that I shall give will be a spring of water within, welling up and bringing eternal life".
     From such inconspicuous beginnings to such a powerful thirst-quenching flow:


  1. ...and then I took the water to the Cathedral for the new bishop!

  2. Fantastic! For the water from the source of the South Tyne, I regret that I wimped out and got a churchwarden to collect it for me...
    Mark NW