Monday, April 16, 2012

Less travelling

Monday 16th April 2012
Proper spring primroses
There was only one firm appointment in my diary which was an afternoon assembly at Otterburn First School.  It occurred to me that a housebound 94-year-old nearby might appreciate receiving Holy Communion afterwards, which turned out to be very convenient and led me on to make a visit to a family to arrange a funeral in Otterburn.  So it turned out to be a full afternoon of visits without having to travel far between them.
     Much of the rest of the day was a matter of juggling preparations for the Deanery Spring event on Faith and the Future of the Countryside [see Events page for details and book quickly!], for the Deanery Pilgrimage to Canterbury [ditto], for a baptism, confirmation preparation and Annual Parochial Church Meetings, another funeral and day to day responses to telephone, doorbell, post and e-mails.

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