Sunday, April 15, 2012


Sunday 15th April 2012

The Cross shows new life at St Francis Byrness
After the nine o'clock service there, I travelled down the Rede valley to Otterburn for the 11 o'clock and later over to Elsdon to take Communion to a lady who has lived in the parish for 92 years.  Next time I see her I must ask her to tell me more about Elsdon School where she was a pupil.
     Amongst  other outings in the afternoon, I took four storage boxes of fair trade goods to the Roman Catholic church.  It's their turn in the rota to sell the goods next time.  As I handed over a rather heavy load to the priest, he commented "It's funny the things that we do in the name of religion" and we both remembered moments early in our ministry when we learned that a parish priest must never duck out of things by saying "I wasn't ordained to do this".

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