Sunday, January 8, 2012


Sunday 8th January 2012
Not my fault
Well, whose fault was it then?  Who was it who tossed her head, caught the rope in a crack and lifted the stable door off its hinges?  Where did the hoofpick fall?  Where was it when I needed it to get mud out of the clip on the turnout rug?  How else could I undo it (ah! scissor tip and 3-in-1 oil) to change the rug and bed you down?  How is it that I set out for Thorneyburn Evensong a quarter of an hour later than I had intended?
     I had been on time for 9.30 Parish Communion at Bellingham and manged to arrive at Elsdon at 10.55 for the 11 o'clock service (which began late).  I was only five minutes late for the afternoon's Home Communion and back in time  --  so I thought  --  to bring Molly in from the muddy paddock.
     Sunday isn't really a particularly busy day: there were only these four specific commitments, but church services are always scheduled for definite times, which makes the day very strictly structured.

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