Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Deanery pilgrimage to Canterbury

Wednesday 18th January 2012
Today's route photographed in September
A sudden thaw caused a burst pipe but also enabled me to get the horse out for a good morning's exercise. 
      Today's route was part of the young people's walk to Wark and Simonburn in October (See separate page on "Deanery Day at Simonburn") when we explored the countryside and also the idea of pilgrimage.
       Today's planning was concerned with the Deanery Pilgrimage to Canterbury at the end of September.  (Yesterday's blog picture was a young orchard in early spring in Kent with oast houses in the background.)
        If you live in the Deanery of Bellingham and might be interested in joining our pilgrimage for the last week of September (arriving home on Tuesday 2nd October), please contact me quickly as places are genuinely limited.

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