Thursday, November 3, 2011

Some failures

Thursday 3rd November 2011

Off up the valley to Kielder to take Holy Communion to a housebound person after the service in Bellingham.  Called into the village shop to garner local news and was told about someone who had been taken  to the nearest hospital down the valley thirty-five miles away.  So went to visit the family.  Should have gone to Corbridge for a preliminary meeting to plan the Church stand for next year's County Show where we have a presence to show our  support for local community life and farming.  However, I decided to send my apologies since it became a priority to visit some seriously ill parishioners.  Although I did manage part of what I intended, the journey to the hospital didn't turn out as I had hoped:  not infrequently, when I get to the right ward, the person I have gone to see has either just died or been discharged.  So it was today.  Back up the valley to deal with e-mails and so on.  I sat down to insert a paragraph into the report on the Deanery Day page of this blog...  and somehow lost most of what I had published yesterday.  Not the best day this week.

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