Monday, November 21, 2011

Bellingham Middle School visit

Monday 21st November 2011
     A group came from the Middle School to St Cuthbert's church for part of their cross-curricular study. 

The stained-glass windows provided plenty of research material and some insight into the Christian understanding of God's love for the world.

                                     The east window showing Christ's crucifixion in the centre
                                   with St Mary on the left of the picture and St John on the right.
                            One gospel (St John's) account tells us that as they both stood at the foot of the Cross,
                                        Jesus entrusted them to each other as Mother and son.

 Above Mary in the top left is a round picture of a human figure representing St Matthew.  The other Gospel writers are St Mark (whose symbol of a lion is top right), St Luke (a bull, bottom left) and St John (eagle, bottom right under the figure of John in the window).
     Beneath the central figure of Jesus on the Cross is a small picture of Jesus healing a blind man, reminding us of his healing ministry and suggesting that we have new insight into God's love for us when we look at Jesus on the Cross sharing the suffering of human beings.

      We went on to look at the Resurrection window where we could see that the Risen Christ has scars on his hand and foot from the wounds of the crucifixion.  This is a reminder that he really suffered and that God understands what we go through.

       We had a look at various other things in the church and I do hope that some of the Middle School will be able to help to improve the Church's welcome to visitors by designing  an information sheet with a trail and quiz to appeal to all ages.  (See page on Deanery Day at Simonburn.)

More pictures in a day or two.....

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