Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tarset Orchard

No ordinary picnic
 Saturday 1st October 2011
     This is the apple pie eating in the Tarset Community Orchard.   Sixty parishioners of all ages, led by our Northumbrian piper, had just climbed the newly opened path to the heights of the Community Orchard where a tea was laid on despite the fact that there is neither water nor electricity up there.  Tarset dwellers are resourceful.   [More pictures on Events page.]
      The Community Orchard was planted last year with fruit trees sponsored by parishioners.  I had hoped to sponsor a Lane's Prince Albert since I had once earned my living  picking apples in Kent where the old Lane's was a "smallish" tree that only needed a ten-rung step ladder to reach the fruit.  However, someone else had spoken for the Lane's; so I sponsored a walnut tree, which I was happy to see looking quite healthy today.
      Perhaps in a few years time we can have the Harvest Thanksgiving service in the orchard.  This year, though, it will be in St Aidan's Thorneyburn as usual  --  with our local originality:  everyone brings a flask of soup and we enjoy each other's offerings at the end of the service.  (6.00 p.m. on Sunday 9th October)

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