Saturday, October 1, 2011

The overlooked day

Thursday 29th September
      How could I have failed to mention the feast day of St Michael and All Angels?  Michaelmas.  A quarter day firmly set in the agricultural year.  A day for a Goose Fair in some parts of the country.  A day when farm rents are due and tenancies change.
If it hadn't been for Holy Communion and lunch, the day would have been entirely organisational.  There was a meeting with my Roman Catholic and Methodist colleagues to discuss some of our future shared events and worship.  There was a sixty mile round trip to Morpeth to discuss with the Archdeacon the appointment of a new Team Vicar to join us in North Tyne and Redesdale.  There was an evening meeting of the Team Council with representatives from churches across the North Tyne and Rede valleys to plan future co-ordination.  As I sat down to my soup at quarter to ten that night I realised that I had no picture on my camera or in my mind to represent this day.
       Is that why I don't remember it?  Is that why God gets overlooked?  Do we have to have pictures in our lives to make sense of things, to feel that they're real, to make them memorable?

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