Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fund-raising can be fun

Thursday 27th October 2011
     After celebrating Holy Communion we had a visit from the Colonel and Major from the Ranges to help finalise arrangements for the Remembrance Sunday service at Otterburn which is to be conducted by the Canon.  Luckily we're  on Christian name terms, though the Major tended to call my husband "Sir" and me "lass".  (I'm quite happy to be called "lass" or "hinny"   --  which don't sound patronising like "dear" in the south of England.). 
      The next meeting was at the Methodist United Reformed Church along with Roman Catholic representatives to finish planning Remembrance Sunday at Bellingham and agree some dates for joint activities in 2012.
       In the evening in aid of the Church parishioners of Corsenside parish put on an excellent fund-raising evening in the village hall at West Woodburn with music provided by our local "Woodburners".

Northumbrian folk musicians don't need a conductor!

Amongst other things they played "Under the hammer" which had been composed to celebrate 50 years at Hexham Mart by the auctioneer Maurice Reed.  In the first half of the evening before a buffet supper, he did an "Antiques Road Show" for us.
Worthless rather than priceless! 
 (This was meant to describe the cup and saucer  --  not Maurice Reed, who was wonderfully succinct, an informative and excellent speaker.)
I didn't mind that my Royal Albert cup and saucer would fetch nothing if I tried to sell them: I hadn't paid anything for them.  Many years ago when I was extremely hard up, a friend gave them to me after rescuing them from a skip outside a house that was being cleared.
       Fascinating valuations of a wide range of objects, a first-class supper, music that belongs to a live tradition (rather than a revival) and a sociable gathering of local friends  --  altogether a thoroughly enjoyable evening, the result of much generosity in terms of time, skill and donations from everyone who participated and attended.

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