Monday, October 24, 2011

Messy Church

Monday 24th October 2011
     We try to hold a "Messy Church" morning once in each holiday.  Today's session was publicised as "harvest" but it was rather different from all the school and church thanksgivings.
A young participant adds to the fruit tree
(as the unproductive tree gets another chance according to Jesus' parable)
We had the story of the Feeding of the Five Thousand, remembering that there is plenty for everyone on earth if we share.  We mentioned that Jesus is called "the Bread of Life" and "the True Vine", supplying us with the essentials for spiritual growth (as food and drink provide for physical life and growth). 
So the craft activies included producing frosted grapes (and eating them), countryside background and grapevine collages, playdough fruits and vegetables  --  and potato people:

A popular part of the day was EATING, sharing (of course) what we had brought.

Parents stand looking chilly at the late October picnic

The Morning ended with the fruits of our labours being placed in church, grateful for all that we have, remembering that if we've had an unfruitful year there'll be another chance, and resolving to keep in touch with other branches of the True Vine.  The families who took part live in different parishes and came to Bellingham which is conveniently accessible.  So it was St Cuthbert's church here that received the craftwork:

How satisfying it is that the parish church belongs to the community and becomes the place for whatever the community is sharing at any given moment.  (Contrast the atmosphere of this occasion with 4th September in the same church.)

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