Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wednesday 21st September    A day when life felt integrated. 
     I rode to meet four friends for hound exercise on the fells.  Coming to a house, we stopped for a quick chat and learnt that a member of the family had gone into hospital.  One rider had a fall and broke her reins.  So she and I left the other three in the hills and set out for home.  On my way home, seeing the school minibus stationary with its hazard lights flashing, I stopped to ask the driver (an older woman) if she was all right.  "I was just watching hounds coming down the hill through the bracken," she said; "but thank you for stopping to ask.".  Later on I was able to call for an update on the hospital paient:.  How fortunate that I had ridden past just then and been kept up to date with the family.
     The rest of the day until the evening was largely in the study at my desk  The evening was taken up with the sixth PCC meeting of the month.  Some of the same issues as the others, namely care of ancient buildings and finance.  (I liked the report from  the treasurer with the best news who said "At the moment we're kind of in the black".)  But also some matters distinctive to this parish, such as support meetings for Carers which take place at the Fire Station.  The business of working with "partners" leads to some confusing scenarios!

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