Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More PCC's

Wedensday 14th - Thursday 15th                The meetings got rather complicated as two Parochial Church Councils were meeting on the same evening.  I chaired the six o'clock one, leaving the Vice-Chairman of the other to start a 7.30 meeting without me.  Luckily the first (at Elsdon) finished the business in an hour and a half and I ws less than half an hour late for the second at Corsenside.  The next day the ecumenical planning meeting at Falstone was over in good time for me to get to the next PCC at Byrness.  Topics ranged from employment in forestry to visiting the sick or housebound, care of families who request christenings to the Church's financial problems.  (How can a village with a total population of 140 maintain a large 14th century listed building? The church of England is required to care for these heritage buidings without any government grant.)

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