Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Sunday 18th September
                                          I paused to take a photograph of the morning mist on my way to the first church service of the day (at St Francis Byrness).  The second Parish Communion was at St John's Otterburn.  To both congregations I had to make an apology  --  or perhaps (since they didn't sem to mind) an excuse: I had attended a diocesan forum on being a "learning" church.  This had included a session on how to preach better sermons.   The result was that I hadn't had time to prepare a sermon.  (We were taught at theological collecge that to do it well, the preacher needs an hour of preparation for every minute that the sermon lasts.)
      The third service of my day was for the under-5's and this week there were five children and five adults at Bellingham.
       In between I went to Elsdon to see a presentation on the proposed wind turbines.  It's not surprising that there is local opposition to the idea when the landscape is as wild (but more picturesque) than the views above this blog.  Anything on the skyline would make a significant difference to a feeling of timeless spaciousness.

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