Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday 1st September

Thursday 1st September     A busy day   --    a bad thing because clergy can't measure their usefulness by counting the tasks they have carrried out.                  Had an appointment to take Holy Communion to somebody at home   --   a good thing because that's what I'm here for, to care in all kinds of ways for any people who live in my parishes as well as supporting them in their spiritual lives and trying to help them to develop their relationship with God in whatever way is right for them.  The return journey meant a drive of 38 miles to Kielder village, through the largest man-made forest in western Europe and past the largest man-made lake in this country.  (See the picture above)  All a good opportunity to appreciate the beautiful surroundings and to reflect on the blessings of life.  The rest of the day: hectic!  Many last-minute arrangements for the St Cuthbert's Festival weekend. (See Events page)

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