Friday, April 12, 2013

Wedding rehearsal day

Friday 12th April 2013
Buds opening in the Easter Garden
Someone tried to persuade me to attend an interesting meeting this evening, but a wedding tomorrow means that today was very busy behind the scenes.  It's a matter of checking through the whole service to make sure that my book is correctly marked with all the couple's choices, driving to the right church and walking the participants (bride, groom, bridesmaids, best man, readers, parents, ushers...) through the service.  Then I fill in the marriage registers in duplicate with a marriage certificate and a further copy to send off to the county registrar.  (This is taking a risk with a very important legal document which will be validated by tomorrow's multiple signatures; but I will not be able to write everything in during the ceremony at which I am officiating.)  I re-read the hymns and Bible passages that they have chosen so as to be able to write a brief address that will be pertinent to this particular couple, whom I know quite well after our months of meeting to prepare them for marriage.
     The rest of the day was occupied with longish telephone conversations on all kinds of matters ranging from agricultural show to Lindisfarne Gospels display to pilgrimage.

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