Thursday, April 18, 2013

Off to the Calvert Trust at Kielder Water

Tuesday 16th April 2013
Wind so strong as to make waves on the reservoir
     Winds so strong as to interrupt the power supply and my use of the computer.
     A gust of wind so strong that the horse staggered sideways as I rode her home down off the fell.
     Wind not strong enough to prevent my driving up the valley to the Calvert Trust.
I was shown something of the facilities and activities available for anyone to enjoy on a visit: climbing wall and king swing and lasar guns for shooting clay targets and adventure course and nature trails and sailing, all available whether you run or use a wheelchair or something in between. 
     The Calvert Trust need to raise great sums of money to provide further facilities.      
     They're not the only ones!  In the evening the committee of the "Friends of St Cuthbert's Bellingham shook our heads over the thousands of pounds shortfall to repair the unique stone roof of the ancient listed church. 

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