Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring at last

Friday 19th April 2013
Our friends wait for us to catch up: a bit of a fuzzy picture as Molly wouldn't keep still for me to take it.
But how nice it is to have her home, since I've been given the all-clear by the ophthalmic surgeon to resume the strenuous tasks of looking after a horse.  They take time morning and evening but they're a routine part of my normal life.
     Not conducting a funeral also takes time.  A request was made for a funeral to be held in Otterburn where there is no Methodist church.  So the Funeral Director arranged with me for the service to be conducted in St John's by a visiting Methodist minister.  Most of our local preparations were carried out by the Churchwardens (consulting me by telephone); but today I went over to Otterburn an hour before the funeral to organise some details and prepare the service register there and the register for Horsley where the burial was to take place.
     In the evening Bellingham APCM faced the practical problems of roof repair and finance before finishing the statutory meeting with more cheerful conversation about church life over a drink and crisps.

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