Sunday, February 17, 2013

The fulcrum of the week

Sunday 17th February 2013
The storyboard for STARS (Sunday Toddlers And RelativeS)

Sunday is the pivot of the week when we bring all the concerns, people and activities of the last week to offer to God and receive the strength or inspiration to tackle the next week.
     After the two morning services with adult congregations, I went to St Cuthbert's Bellingham to prepare for STARS.  At 2.51 having set up the story board in the empty church, I realised that I had left something at the Rectory.  I walked quickly home, collected the visual aid and returned to church.  As I entered at 2.59 I was delighted to find nearly twenty children and parents sitting quietly on cushions on the floor waiting for the story.  
     Nobody has ever told the children to be quiet.  They simply catch the peaceful atmosphere and feel at home.

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