Monday, February 11, 2013

Everything happens at once

Monday 11th February 2013
Overlooking Bellingham
We're relieved to find that the expected snow has not yet arrived.  I'm able to travel down the valley south of Hexham for a meeting (previously postponed because of snow) to plan for the Church's stand at the Northumberland County Show.
     The clouds on the way home are still merely threatening and I'm able to field phone calls about a funeral, a baptism (of a child who turns out not to be born yet) and some building repairs before going early to church to meet a visiting priest before Evening Prayer.  Afterwards took her to meet a parishioner and then made my way to Corsenside parish hall for the launch of the churches "Raise the roof" campaign.  About sixty people came for an enjoyable evening of music (two local fiddlers), clog dancing (by three boys who live in the parish accompanied by their father playing the accordian) and an excellent supper  --  along with a few brief words by myself as Rector, a Churchwarden and the church Treasurer.

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