Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Chaotic Sunday

Sunday 7th October 2012
Autumn at Otterburn
The normal first duty of the day was to feed the horse and turn her out into the paddock.  There was frost on the windows of the cab of the horsebox  --  which I had to use because the car is out of action.  First delay.  Drove to St Cuthbert's to park it before the space was filled by cars.  Unlocked the church and walked back.           Remembered that we had found ourselves short of booklets for the 9.30 Bellingham Family Communion service.  Tried to run some more off, but the computer wasn't co-operating.  Decided to take the Corsenside service sheets as a substitute for today.  Nearly to church and saw the paramedic's vehicle across the road.  Someone coming to church had fallen, hit her head and left some of her blood in the road.  She was sitting on a dining chair outside the nearest house before being taken to hospital.  Second delay  --  and her bandaged head along with my bruised chin (as the result of minor oral surgery) made it look as though we had had a punch-up outside church.  Harvest service began late.  Congregation crowded to the front to catch the words of a swollen-lipped Rector.
     Horsebox drives at half the speed of the car.  Reached Otterburn at 10.50 to find that we weren't properly organised for the baptism. The person in charge of the baby's candle and cards for the godparents has tonsilitis.  Messages being relayed by third party between non-speaking Rector and computerless baptism visitor have not been entirely successful.  Nor is sound-system working properly.  Service started late.  Baby very good to make up for it all.
     Back to Rectory at 1.30 for my fourth meal of soup and yoghurt.
Just time to borrow husband's car (he being back from taking service at Falstone) to drive 17 miles to St Francis church Byrness for the Patronal Festival (St Francis' Day being 4th October) combined with Harvest Thanksgiving and animal service.
Zeb running to church
We parked at the village hall and had a walk through the woods to the church.  There is no picture of Zeb in church trying very hard to lead the service.  Whilst my colleague manfully soldiered on with hymns and prayers and sermon, Zeb struggled with me to let him stand in the front pew with his front paws on the backrest facing the  congregation.
The altar frontal made by parishioners showing St Francis preaching to the animals (and partly hidden by harvest produce)

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