Sunday, October 21, 2012

Autumn colours and harvest celebrations

Sunday 21st October 2012
St Peter's Falstone
Falstone harvest lunch
After a shortened Communion service in church, we adjourned to the village hall where we sang some more harvest hymns and displayed symbols of the harvest: soil and water without which nothing would grow, bread representing the staple food and also a reminder of Christ as the "Bread of Life" need to help us grow spiritually, milk, eggs and knitted woollen garments (which we have made to send to the homeless in 
Newcastle this winter), the products of cows, hens and sheep, fruits and vegetables from our gardens. 
 Despite the very difficult year
 on our farms, we thank God for what we have, and we enjoyed 
sharing our harvest lunch

Later in the afternoon the under-5's had their harvest service.  The children heard the Bible story of Jesus' feeding the crowd of 5.000.  They each brought a fruit or vegetable and we agreed to send the gifts to one granny who is in a care home.

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