Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A wet harvest thanksgiving day

Tuesday 16th October 2012 
Greenhaugh School in St Aidan's Thorneyburn
For small children it's nearly half an hour's walk from school to church.  Being country children, they're not put off by the rain.
They simply wear their wellies.
After the service I visited a parishioner, took some requested information to the Sure Start ("North Tynies"), arranged for a forthcoming assembly at Bellingham First School, had a quick chat with the Head of the Middle School about a future project and called on the Adult Education officer.  Then home to lunch and to change my hat from Team Rector of North Tyne and Redesdale to that of Rural Dean of the area.  Went down to Wark to admire and comment on the latest draft version of the Deanery DVD :

More pictures needed of activities around all your churches and of nearby countryside!

After (stabling the horse and) Evening Prayer, it was up the North Tyne to a meeting about Greystead churchyard and finally to deliver some music to Falstone.  Home for a late supper and bed.

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