Thursday, March 8, 2012


Thursday 8th March 2012
Sweethope Lough across the Wannies
The threatened rain didn't materialise as I drove after Morning Prayer to a meeting of Area Deans with the Archdeacon at which we discussed many matters ranging from the proposed (worldwide) Anglican Covenant to the filling in of marriage registers.  Back to Corsenside in time for a meeting about how we support families who have had children baptised in our churches.  On to Bellingham for a Lent discussion group (attended by about a dozen) on poverty and the question of whether "charity begins at home".  A quick turn round for Evening Prayer and to the Rectory to stable the horse and photocpy PCC minutes before the next meeting to review and plan Falstone and Thorneyburn church life and our responsibilities in the communities covered by that parish.  Home to some funeral preparations, producing of Messy Church publicity, confirming an organists' choice of Sunday hymns...   and perhaps I'll manage bed at midnight.

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