Monday, March 19, 2012

Not a day off after all

Monday 19th March 2012

     Since it was St Joseph's Day, we had a celebration of Holy Communion at 9.30   --  which gave time for an unhurried breakfast between Morning Prayer at 8 o'clock and our return to church.  I had thought that I might then have a day with no appointments.  But in one parish there was a site visit in connection with providing permissive access for vehilces across church land; two parishioners came for a marriage preparation session before their forthcoming wedding in a parish of the other valley; and I went to see a young parishioner in a third parish who hopes to be confirmed in the summer. 
     I was impressed by the couple who say that they don't argue because when they disagree, they write down the points they want to make.  One writes and passes the paper over.  Then it's the other's turn; and so on, backwards and forwards.  So they never interrupt and they both express what they want to say.
     I was also impressed by the young girl bubbling over with enthusiasm, very articulate and responsive.  (What do you think John Piper's window in Coverntry Cathedral says about the nature of God?  For this girl, the central golden light expresses happiness.  God is mainly happy, though occasionally sad from bearing responsibility for the world.  The closer our realationship with God, the happier we become.)

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