Thursday, March 29, 2012

Faith and the future of the countryside

Thursday 29th March 202
A peaceful mooring
It doesn't look as if there are any issues relating to the water supply near Kielder; but there are questions about the future of forestry, about fuel in remote places, about the loss of the single shop or pub in a community, about unemployment for some and overwork for others, about the struggle for hill farmers whose land can only support hardy livestock (with no option of growing arable crops)...   So the Deanery's forthcoming event  (Friday 27th - Saturday 28th April) on "Faith and the Future of the Countryside" is taking up important planning time at the moment.
       The morning included Holy Communion and a short ride, the afternoon a meeting with the licensed Reader and a Lent discussion group on "a good death?", whilst the evening was a long but stimulating PCC about future events in Corsenside parish, most notably celebrations for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

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