Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas comes to Kielder

Wednesday 14th December 2011
Santa Claus visits Kielder First School
Kielder School entertained various local friends and neighbours to an excellent Christmas lunch produced by the school cook and served at table by the children.  Whilst I was talking to the lady on my right, I heard in my left ear "Excuse me, Madam, would you like trifle or Christmas pudding with [...hesitant pause to remember his lines} vanilla sauce?".  (The waiter was a big boy aged about seven.)
    The children performed their play to us, partly traditional, partly choral speaking narrative and partly improvised scenes from the nativity, which enabled even a four-year-old to have a speaking part (mainly "Yes" repeated whenever anyone addressed her).  They sang and played recorders, ukuleles and bells.
     Our final treat was coffee or tea and mincepies.  The children's was a visit from Santa Claus.  It's odd that some people try to tell children that there was no such person, when the name is simply the short (Germanic)form of Saint Nicholas (like Sinta Klaas in Dutch). Nicholas was the Bishop of Myra in the early fourth century who, legend has it, rescued three girls from poverty by putting three bags of gold through their window at night.  (This is the origin of the old pawnbroker's sign of three golden balls.)

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  1. I never knew that about St Nicholas, thanks for sharing it.