Thursday, July 18, 2013

Goodbye to William and Strider

Friday 12th July 2013

A misty morning promises (or threatens) another hot day

William and Strider set off on the next (25-mile) leg of their "Ride round England" and I decided to walk the first few miles with them, keeping the traditional practice of accompanying the parting guest to the parish boundary.  The dog was quite cheerful from Bellingham to West Woodburn (four miles) where we said farewell (see  blog) but flagged on the way home in the heat.   I rang for a lift but we still had to walk a couple of miles to reach a road where my husband (with dog cage in car) picked us up.  It had been a journey at a realistic human pace where we had a true sense of distance and of how much country we can cover under our own steam.
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A goodbye
Susan, Rector of Bellingham, who had been my host for 3 days, walked several miles with us when we set off this morning. I was sad to see her leave us for her walk home.

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