Monday, July 8, 2013

A Sunday baptism

Sunday 7th July 2013
Water damage inside St Cuthbert's Bellingham
The church is soon to be closed for the most intensive three weeks of repairs; but today we were able to hold the Family Eucharist during which a six-year-old was baptised with radiant serenity.
     Unfortunately the organist had been admitted to hospital on Friday evening.  So we got together a first-time choir of a dozen children who came early to practise.  They seemed to enjoy  giving a lead to the adults who didn't know the songs which six-year-olds sing at school.
     After the complexities of guiding the choir, baptising the little girl, presiding at the celebration of Communion, blessing young and old who came to the altar rail with the communicants and having some photographs taken afterwards, it was rather a contrast to find myself taking the service for ten adults at West Woodburn.
     By the afternoon, I had come to the end of my energy and even fell asleep in front of the television for part of Andy Murray's historic winning match at Wimbledon.  Back to consciousness for the exciting end and off to church for Evensong.

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