Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mud and money

Wednesday 14th November 2012
"I'm all right.  What's the matter with you two?"
     The dog had fun in the forest; but horse and rider were disappointed to find all the favourite tracks bulldozed so that it was no longer safe to trot or canter on them.  (Look at the loose stones that could bruise Molly's foot if she landed on one at speed.)  I was also sad at the loss of the grass, heather, bushes and other wild plants which had previously grown there.
     That was supposed to be our lunchtime exercise after I broke off  working in my study at midday.
     The evening was a challenging PCC meeting in which we heard from the Diocesan "Parish Giving Officer" on how we could present the churches' financial situation to parishioners.  Now we have to decide what we will actually do about it.

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