Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rain and meetings

Thursday 20th September 2012
The weather is less than photogenic today
After the morning Eucharist (with laying-on of hands with prayer for health and wholeness), the Reader (licensed lay minister) and I spent an hour or so talking about how we can help people to understand the Christian faith on a deeper level.  So many people believe the misinformation that they are offered in the media!
     Up the valley for an afternoon meeting with representatives from other Churches so that Anglicans (C of E), Methodists and United Reformed members could plan for all the things that we do together.  We were concerned about lack of commitment in our local communities.
     Down the valley for an evening meeting of the Team Council of North Tyne and Redesdale in which we explored the means of communication within our parishes  --  which are all very different. The Tarset valley uses website, e-mails and the substantial quarterly Newsletter;  Bellingham uses fliers, posters and the baker's wall.

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