Sunday, July 22, 2012

St Mary Magdalene

Sunday 22nd July 2012
Baptism cake for a farmer's son
     A few of the invited guests had to continue with silage making.  But all the godparents were there, starting as they meant to go on.  I hope they will remember to be in touch with their godson every year on 22nd July to celebrate the anniversary of his baptism and remind him of God's love for him.  Jesus, the Risen Christ, is always with him even when he doesn't realise it.
     Mary Magdalene didn't recognise Jesus in the garden outside the empty tomb until he spoke to her.  He calls you by name in the tone of voice that is right for you. Be ready to receive his reassurance calming you or his encouragement supporting you  or his energy prompting you to action.
     The baby looked blissfully surprised when I marked the sign of the cross on his forehead in oil and was totally calm when I poured the water of baptism.
     P.S.  The cake was delicious with a carrot cake layer and a chocolate layer.

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