Saturday, July 21, 2012

Molly is lame

Friday 20th July 2012

     Molly is lame, the computer won't insert a picture and we're stuck again.  I'm hoping the farrier may come and inspect Molly's feet to see if it's laminitis caused by too much lush grass.
     If so, we're the latest caualty of this year's weather.  As I go around the parishes, I meet shepherds who have been unable to clip (Northumbrian for shear the sheep) because the fleeces are rain-sodden, farmers who have lost cold sheep to pneumonia, farmers who have been unable to get machinery onto the water-logged fields to make silage  --  still less, hay  --  as well as caterers whose outside events have been cancelled, guest houses with no guests, tourist facilities with no tourists and shop keepers whose customers, being all of those I've just mentioned, have no money to go shopping.
     The Church, represented in the community by the parish priest, is here to offer support and encouragement, to bring these lives before God in prayer and to provide practical help wherever we can  -- as long as we're asked for what's needed.

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