Friday, February 10, 2012


Thursday 9th February
         How did these posts get in the wrong order?  Scroll down a little way for 10th February!

Deanery co-ordination
        The computer seemed to get stuck and I couldn't oil the wheels to post a record of today's meeting with the other local Churches and the later one with the Deanery Committee co-ordinating contacts with the other Anglican Churches of Bellingham Deanery. 
         The morning ecumenical meeting involved  was much planning of contacts with the cadets and the cemetery chapel, of Bellingham Show and the Harvest Supper, of Lent study groups and work with the homeless.  In the evening we were on to work with schools and prepartions for the next Deanery event concerned with "Faith and the Future of the Countryside" in late April, as well as the Deanery pilgrimage to Canterbury in September.

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