Saturday, April 1, 2017

Not an April Fool

Saturday 1st April 2017
"A bit lacking in the ear department" was an owner's description of her donkey.  These ears belong to a horse; but I have spent the last two weeks carrying out virtual auditions for a suitable donkey to lead the school procession from School to Church for the end-of-term service which neatly coincides with the weekend of Palm Sunday.
     Others who didn't get the part of Jesus' mount were the six-year old which is too feisty and liable to buck or kick without warning...the two 8-month-olds from Ireland who are too immature for the responsibility...the nice donkey who refuses to be parted from his bad-tempered friend...the rescue donkey who is too nervous to cope with the big occasion...etc etc!
     I'm glad to be able to announce that a donkey by the name of The Right Honourable Horatio Donk has agreed to be our guest of honour!

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