Saturday, October 15, 2016

A bumper crop

Saturday 15th October 2016
It's not a very big tree (Red Falstaff) and it's weighed down with fruit this year. 

So is the Scotch dumpling
and the James Grieve
Even the Cox and the pear for the first time since we planted them

It's very exciting
   How are we going to use all this fruit without wasting it?  Everybody else has plenty this year.
That's the kind of problem which faces farmers when there's a glut and the prices fall.  But rarity value puts prices up when they haven't got the produce to sell.
     I'm glad we sent our incidental profit after the Harvest Supper to Farm Community Network.


  1. Is this the Rectory garden or the Community Orchard? I expect both have done well this year.

  2. It's the rectory glebe -- being used for the original purpose of glebeland (to provide a living -- or means of living -- for the rector).

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