Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Tuesday 27th September 2016
As ever, there is a great deal more work behind the scenes than anyone sees in public.  Not much mileage today (just over 21 miles according to the car's milometer)  for calls at Corsenside churchyard to check details for an imminent burial of ashes, at Bellingham First school to borrow a CD of hymns suitable for the Brownies' visit to church, at Otterburn in connection with a  printing invoice for the Team magazine, at the pre-school Sure Start Centre to make some harvest arrangements.  Otherwise it was a day at the Rectory for telephone calls, admin and a two-hour planning meeting with the Deanery development officer.

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  1. I know many people who believe priests "only work on Sundays". It's rather odd but even the "retired" priests I know seem to work a good deal longer than that!