Sunday, July 31, 2016

Don't give up!

Sunday 31st July 2016
Although the plastering and electrical work inside St Cuthbert's Bellingham has stopped us from using the church building on weekdays this month, we don't let anything prevent us from worshipping each Sunday morning.  A hard-working band cleared the east end yesterday and early this morning I delivered all the things needed for the service which have been stored in the rectory.  Twenty people joined in morning worship and chatted over coffee and biscuits before the churchwarden locked up again.  (Meanwhile the clergy drove off to St Cuthbert's Elsdon for a less conventional service in more normal surroundings attended by another thirty people.)
     Taking time out together for an hour of resting and listening to God is the perfect antidote to over-activity, sleepless nights and busy-busy-busy!

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