Friday, June 20, 2014

Church in use for an hour a day?

Trinity Sunday 15th June 2014
In the quiet of the evening the church is poised for whatever comes next.
After the 9.30 Parish Communion service this morning there was a quick turnaround to prepare for a hundred worshippers to attend the Brown Rigg School Reunion Songs of Praise.  A good number of them stayed for drinks and nibbles which brought us to lunchtime on a celebratory note.   Everything was reorganised in time for the 3 o'clock "STARS" for the under-5's and their families who sit on a carpet in the chancel and end their service with juice and biscuits.  When I come to say Evening Prayer on my own before locking the church for the night, it's very peaceful with a sense of the many varied people who have shared in worshipping during the day.  Nothing visible remains but there's a readiness to welcome the many people who will come in  their own time throughout tomorrow.

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