Thursday, June 6, 2013

Clergy visit the Forestry Commission

Wednesday 5th June 2013
An outdoor classroom
Preparing to visit a harvesting site
An area of clear felling
A load of timber being brought up for stacking
Impressively deft handling

whilst felling continues

and here are the fruits of their labours
We moved on to an area of selective felling and regeneration
 Then on to a vantage point near Skyspace, a remarkable place to enter and contemplate the sky through the open dome.                      
Imagine this sky through the opening and the way in which you might feel drawn up to be a part of something greater.  Then the freedom and scale of the whole landscape made accessible by the recreational policies.                      

 Next a visit to Kielder Observatory:

This state of the art observatory belongs in its landscape, built of local materials harvested in Kielder Forest, serene as a ship floating in its natural environment, offering security and adventure.

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