Monday, March 25, 2013

Desperate farming

Monday 25th March 2013
More bleak than beautiful today
     Before Morning Prayer I did a quick bit of vital shopping towards the content of assembly at the Middle School just after Mattins.  I gave a run through the events of the first Palm Sunday (palm cross), Maundy Thursday (Communion wine), Good Friday (hot Cross bun) and Easter Day (Easter egg and Simnel cake), commenting on how Christians mark these occasions with symbolic food.
     A couple came to discuss the possibility of a wedding with me before I drove the lonely road to Otterburn to conduct assembly at the First School.
     After Evening prayer, I went down to Wark to meet the Northern Cross pilgrims sleeping there overnight on their arduous walk from Carlisle to Holy Island in the miserable cold wind which is causing such concern to farmers who have cows calving and ewes beginning to produce lambs in weather which they cannot easily survive.  
     We have had almost no warm or dry weather in the last twelve months.  Grass isn't growing, cereals didn't get sown or else were ruined by the wet (which means a dearth of feed and of bedding straw), the stock haven't flourished enough to be as robust as usual, there's inadequate shelter for animals that usually thrive out on the hills  --  and the shortages mean that all animal feed is more expensive.
     Let us hope that Easter brings good news of all kinds, practical as well as spiritual.

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