Tuesday, December 18, 2012

All the schools

Tuesday 18th December 2012
Ringing the church bell
     I have been with all the schools in my parishes in the last week or so:  Greenhaugh First School had an Advent theme at St Aidan's Club; Otterburn First School visited St Francis' Church and decorated the outdoor Christmas tree with edible gifts for the birds; at Kielder First School I conducted a Christmas assembly; whilst at Bellingham First School and West Woodburn First School I was invited to watch their Christmas performances.  I was rewarded for taking an assembly at Bellingham Middle School by being invited to Christmas lunch, after which the readers at the forthcoming Carol Service in church came for a rehearsal.
     Today five of these schools came together for carol singing after which I went off (in my capacity as Rural Dean) to a gathering with the Bishop for retired clergy. 
     Perhaps I'll spend time with some middle-aged people soon.

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