Thursday, May 31, 2012


Thursday 31st May 2012
"Listen to this"
Whilst the horses are whispering secrets, I'm juggling priorities.  It's clear that I have to be in church for Morning Prayer and for the Communion service.  Obviously I have to be here to host the meeting with Methodist, United Reformed Church and Roman Catholic friends to review our joint Lent discussion groups, our house-to-house collection during Christian Aid Week and to plan for our stand at the Bellingham Show and for the Harvest Supper which we will organise for the village.  It's also obvious that I must be at this evening's wedding rehearsal at Otterburn..  But after that, it's not so easy to know what very urgent administrative matters I can postpone in order to have an afternoon to get on with writing my sermon for Sunday.  This will be the only opportunity in view of the non-stop activities in the diary for the next four days!

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