Wednesday, August 31, 2011

31st August 2011

Wednesday 31st August     According to the diary this should be a fairly easy day.  We were in church at 8.00 a.m. for Morning Prayer.  Afterwards I took Molly the horse and Zebedee the dog out together for three-quarters of an hour's exercise.  A cool, cloudy, dry morning: good riding weather.  Molly enjoyed cantering along with ears pricked.  Zeb enjoyed his role of Molly's devoted courtier following at a respectful distance.  I enjoyed the late summer flowers on the forest verges: harebells, devil's bit scabious, cow wheat (I think, but a bit small to see clearly from horseback), St John's wort, knapweed, a small variety of willowherb (also difficult to identify at trot or canter), meadowsweet, unfortunately some bright yellow ragwort (highly poisonous to horses and other stock), lots of what I think is yellow loosestrife (of which I took a picture nearer to home the other day), thistles (don't know what kind) and various other plants which I've now forgotten.  Home again in time for a normal 12-hour day.

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